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 Head – Dr Silvia Paracchini
Silvia is leading the development of the Bioinformatics Unit and is the PI on the Wellcome Trust ISSF award supporting our facility. Silvia is a human geneticist with a strong interest in functional genomics. School of Medicine.



Deputy – Dr Nathan Bailey
Nathan studies genetics of social behaviour and rapid evolutionary change in insects. He is interested in methods that apply modern genomic techniques to organisms that lack highly-developed ‘omic resources. School of Biology.



Reader – Prof. Matthew Holden
Prior to joining the University of St Andrews\, Matthew spent over a decade at Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute annotating and analysing bacterial genomes. Matthew’s research interests include pathogen evolution\, the genetic basis of virulence and antibiotic resistance\, and the clinical application of genome sequencing. School of Medicine.


Senior bioinformatician – Dr. Peter Thrope
Peter has previously completed a PhD at The University of Leeds/ SCRI and 2 post-doctoral positions at The James Hutton Institute. His main interests are non-model organism genomics. He is also involved in writing tools to perform Bioinformatic analysis.
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